Sundown and Sunrise at Verdansky station, Argentine Islands Antarctica


This is a sundown and rise, as in this part of the world and at this date the sun does set anymore and daylight stays for  24 hours. The picture was taken on  23 december 2000 at 12 at night just before  it started to snow for 24 hours, from Winter Island in direction of Skua Island across the Skua creek. Camera was a Seitz Roundshot 220 VR camera equipped with a 35 mm perspective control Nikon lens and shot on Kodak Portra NC 160 film.




Faraday Base, Marina Point, Galindez Island, Argentine Islands, Antarctica.


65o15' S

64o16' W


The base is the oldest permanently occupied base in Antarctica and has been manned since 7 Jan 1947, then at Wordie House on Winter Island, that still is to be seen in the panorama. Then transferred to Galindez island. The station complex was transferred to the Ukraine on 6 Feb 1996 and renamed Verdansky.

Geophysics, meteorology and ionospherics are the all year round sciences at Faraday. It was here that the hole in the Antarctic ozone was first discovered. Faraday is at a high geographic latitude but a low magnetic latitude. This fact has contributed to major scientific advances based on Faraday data. These include new knowledge about the effects of storms in space, plasma irregularities, modelling of the ionosphere, and the dynamics of the overlying plasmasphere.