I am planning a Panorama Flower Power Weekend (PFPW) in The Hague for the weekend of 22-24 of April. The program consists of a visit to our exhibition and the Mesdag Museum with its enormous painted panorama, have a meeting/small congress and a visit to the Keukenhof, Panorama Tulipland, Flowerparade and the flowerfields. Its the high season of bulb flowers in bloom in this area and it is magnificent. You will love it. I hope you will all come. I have reserved rooms in a hotel just around the corner and another just a little further away but still in the neighbourhood, so I have to know before thursday if you come, and with how many people. Some of you already agreed with speaking at the meeting

Frank van der Pol about a panorama project for the Dutch Railroad, an interesting showcase

Aldo Hoeben about SPi-V a hardware accelerated panoramic viewing engine based on Shockwave 3D

Daniel Maurer about Panoramic Video

Jan van der Woning, about preparing and making panoramas in the jungle of Borneo, Indonesia

and I think we have enough people in the group to talk about VR and panorama. Its about coming together, exchanging thougths and ideas, also about our European Part of the IVPRA, see the magnificent exhibition, a wonderfull painting and a lot of flowers in a beautifull landscape.

If you have thougths about the program and the time schedule and all other thougths, but please react as quick as in that weekend this flower parade attracks a lot of tourists as you can imagine and the hotel can hold the rooms only till thursday.

Hotel : 4 rooms reserved, in Leiden, Oegstgeest very near to the bulbfields and Keukenhof: 68, - for room, 10 breakfast, room can be shared price room shared as well! Tax 1,50 pp


Proposed schedule:


16.00 Arrival guests, some drinks and some snacks
17.00 Start program, lectures, visit to the Mesdag Museum
19.00 Dinner break, Indonesian rice table
20.00 Continue Program/lectures
22.00 End Lectures, informal talk
22.30 Finish, departure to hotel
23.00 Sleeping time :-))


8.30 Breakfast
9.30 Departure for Panorama Tulipland
10.00 Arrival, Lecture Painter, Photography
11.00 Departure for Flower Parade
11.30 Arrival and photography
12.15 Departure for Pause of Parade, Close up Photography
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Departure for roundtrip in area, Photography of flower fields
18.00 or later End of field trip, return to hotel
...... Dinner
..... Discussions, informal talk, Nigth City tour, Casino ......
22.00 Bedtime, early rise!!

The Keukenhof is open early and its about a half hours drive to the location. In the morning there are less tourists so its more quite. I suggest to be there as early as possible!!!


07.00 Early rise, breakfast
07.45 Departure Keukenhof
08.30 Arrival, free Photography
12.00 Lunch
13.00 End of official part

After this you can of course stay at the Keukenhof, I have made some nice panoramas just before they closed (19.30) as most tourist are gone and the ligth is more interestings, but those that have to drive or fly can leave at anytime

Total cost of this all apart from hotel will be as an estimate:

22,50 drinks/dinner at museum
12,50 lunch at Flower Parade
20,00 dinner at restaurant
12,50 entrance fee Keukenhof
15,00 lunch at Keukenhof

82,50 sum total

Some shared cost will be for travelling and parking by those who come by car:

04,00 parking at Keukenhof


People that are not member are invited to, only they have to pay 50 euro entrance fee and they become a member of the IVRPA till december 31 2005

Arrangements could be made with people that arrive by plane. Of course I could also organise a 1 day meeting, so skip the Flower Parade and only visit the Keukenhof or other mixtures, it all depends on you.


Questions email:


jan at jan-van-der-woning dot nl (sorry its because of spam bots)

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