September 11, 2001, the day that changed our lives.

A shockwave went through the world and in every corner the after-
math was and is felt. For my wive it meant, loosing her job, no more income; for me loosing an opportunity to make a DVD at Apples Creative Jam. But that is nothing, not a thing, niente, nada, nichts, compared to what other people have lost in this disaster. I want to
make a tribute to everyone that died and make a special tribute to
all the heroes that gave their life by rescuing people. Like the one I picked out in the shrine in front of the Church in Wallstreet. Gerard Nevins was one of the firefighters that went into a burning building,
like he always did, and by that risked his life. He is not there anymore and we should honour him and those braves and innocent that died
in this holocaust. Visit Legacy and CNN memorial to know more
about what kind of man Gerard was and all the others were and you
can give a tribute, I will and did, J@N